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RJT Law Firm was founded in Canada in 2010. The firm has grown from quite humble beginnings servicing the needs of unions and working people. We have built a powerful reputation throughout our history as a law firm that fights to achieve the best outcomes. From the many landmark legal cases we have won to the introduction of innovations such as No Win - No Fee*, we have been determined to ensure that more people are able to access affordable legal services
RJT Law Firm provides specialist legal services to individuals in a range of practice areas including all areas of liability and compensation law, as well as other general legal services in areas such as family and relationship law, conveyancing, wills and estate planning. Our Business and Specialised Litigation Services includes commercial, estate and professional negligence litigation and class actions.  Our firm is well known for its experience in running complex and large scale class actions.

Robert J. Tebbutt, Esq
Firm Owner 

Robert has over 25 years experience as an attorney and a portfolio manager. Robert has also served in different financial institutions and law firms. On 27 April 2010 Robert establish his own Law Firm which is known as RJT Law Firm. Robert brings to the Board a unique operational perspective in several of the Group’s key strategic areas. As a legal practitioner with over 15 years’ experience and qualifications and a strong interest in economics and business management, Robert contributes skills in legal practice, legal practice management, risk management, financial analysis and financial reporting. 

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